Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Banned In The UK: Barry Pepper!

I've recently been working on a project I call "The Dance Archives" where I'm making mp3 CDs of all the old mixtapes I made in the 1990s. Part of it is to preserve all the records and tapes that I don't have digital copies of, and sometimes when I'm compiling the songs I discover new things about the artists. One such artist is Banned In The UK, a Canadian dance act that apparently only put out one song, a 1992 track called "C'mon And Get My Love". They would be a mere musical footnote if it weren't for the fact that actor Barry Pepper is the lead singer! A friend told me that he gave a great portrayal of a Southern solider in "Saving Private Ryan," but nothing could save him from early 90s rocker hair in the video clip you can see here:

Download the song (lovingly ripped from one of my tapes) here:


The video itself it hilarious due to the guys looking like the early 90s idea of "rockers" (long hair, denim & leather) getting all funky to a dance song with "hot" women parading around and....er....fighting? And why were they banned in the UK? The other noteworthy thing about this song is that the main riff is a total steal from Jomanda's house classic "Got A Love For You". (Produced by Steve "Silk" Hurley!) Watch the Jomanda video on You Tube here:


Listen to the Jomanda keyboard riff at the 0:15 second mark after the horns. It's the same keyboard riff that goes throughout the Banned In The UK song. I guess the Banned In The UK song wasn't big enough for Jomanda to know about it or take legal action.

Signing off for now, one frothy pop treat at a time!

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marsha-reid said...

Ah, memories of the early 90s! I loved that song, and had no idea about Barry Pepper's role in it! Who'da thunk it?