Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Madonna Part Two! She's Not Me, and Wonder Woman can relate!

This is the second part of my Madonna Sticky And Sweet post-orgasm concert report, and this time I'm focusing on the magic of She's Not Me. This song was performed with a sassy Madonna taking on her own former iconic personas. I loved this not only for the tongue-in-cheek playfulness of the number, but because it reminded me of Wonder Woman's latest struggle against her own previous personas. The song began with Madonna singing in front of gigantic backdrops that flashed some of her most famous images. Below is a pic of little Madonna (Sticky & Sweet Tour) versus Giganta-Madonna (in a still from the Hollywood video).

But then the performance gets really interesting when four Madonna doppelgangers rise up on to the stage and Madonna does battle with them! In the pic below you can see the first three of the four imposters! On the left is Open Your Heart Madonna, the middle is Like a Virgin Madonna, and the right is Marilyn / Material Girl Madonna!

Below, the pic shows Madonna starting to fight with the Marilyn / Material Girl doppelganger, and if you look at the far right you see the fourth wannabe, the Vogue / Blonde Ambition Madonna!

For comparison, look at the below image lifted from the recent Wonder Woman #25 (Nov. 2008) written by the awesome Gail Simone. You can see the current Wonder Woman in the middle being lassoed by the George Perez Wonder Woman (top left), Golden Age Wonder Woman (top right), Cathy Lee Crosby Wonder Woman (bottom left), and last but not least Lynda Carter Wonder Woman (bottom right.) When I first saw this page I shouted "Oh my God!!!" I loved seeing the previous Wonder Women represented in the modern era, and loved that Madonna used a similar idea for her own show!

So what have we learned my Frothy friends? A true Diva icon shall never escape her previous incarnations, but she will rise to the top by battling them! Take a few minutes to reflect on that one.

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chantal sunita said...

clever last sentence. true. and also true about us humans..it makes us stronger and wiser in the end. and necessary to remember who we are and where we come from.